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M&R Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

M&R Capital Management, Inc. is an investment firm with long standing roots in New York City that has relocated to Summit, NJ that uses a long-term approach in its investment strategy. As value investors, we hold securities for several years in companies that have strong fundamentals and a proven history of success within their industry.


M&R offers the four (4) core investment strategies detailed below:

Capital Appreciation Portfolio

The portfolio's primary objective is long-term growth of capital. We achieve this by owning successful franchises that are purchased below their underlying value. The companies comprising the Capital Appreciation Portfolio have strong positions in their respective industries.

Balanced Portfolio

The portfolio's primary goal is risk-adjusted growth of capital combined with dividend and/or interest income. The purchase of short to intermediate-term taxable or tax-exempt bonds will augment the equity dividends in the portfolio.

Income Portfolio

In 2010, M&R incorporated the income-orientated portfolio within their asset management strategy. The primary objective is high current and growing income, coupled with modest capital appreciation and capital preservation. The high dividend yield allows for the preservation of capital during periods of market volatility.

Growth Portfolio

The growth portfolio is designed to invest in securities that take advantage of growth opportunities and provide the highest potential for growth of invested capital. The portfolio invests in all sectors and takes advantage of market trends to achieve growth.

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