Prime Funds

For more information about PrimeFunds, or to speak to one of our Portfolio Managers, contact us at

M&R Capital offers two custodians for PrimeFunds, for the convenience of investors. These are Charles Schwab and Pershing.

To Enroll at Schwab:

To enroll in PrimeFunds, click here to begin. This link will take you to the Charles Schwab Institutional Intelligent platform application process, and allow you to open an account.

Please note, M&R Capital has a program key for this platform, which is VK1Q   this key is required to enroll.

Follow the prompts to open and fund an account.

Clients must have a minimum of $5000.00 to use Charles Schwab as Custodian. Clients with any amount may use Pershing Advisor Solutions, which can be found below.

To Enroll at Pershing:

Please contact our office to email or mail you an application. This may be completed on paper or digitally depending upon the preference of the client.

Please contact our office at 212-584-8999 if you have any questions about PrimeFunds, or would like to request more information.