Capital Appreciation Portfolio

The portfolio's primary objective is long term growth of capital. We achieve this by owning successful franchises that are purchased below their underlying value. The companies comprising the Capital Appreciation Portfolio have strong positions in their respective industries.

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Balanced Portfolio

The portfolio's primary goal is risk-adjusted growth of capital combined with dividend and/or interest income. The purchase of short to intermediate term taxable or tax exempt bonds will augment the equity dividends in the portfolio.

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Income Oriented Portfolio

In 2010, M&R incorporated the income orientated portfolio within their asset management strategy. The primary objective is high current and growing income, coupled with modest capital appreciation and capital preservation. The high dividend yield allows for preservation of capital during periods of market volatility.

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Investment Philosophy:

M&R Capital is a large cap value and multi‐cap value investment firm. Through proprietary research, we identify securities that are trading at discounts to their underlying values. Therefore, as value investors, our investment strategy is long term in its approach. We expect to hold securities for several years and do so in companies that have strong fundamentals accompanied with a proven history of success within their industry.

M&R offers three (3) core investment strategies:

  • Capital Appreciation Portfolio
  • Balanced Portfolio
  • Income Orientated Portfolio

GLOBAL ASSET ALLOCATION: M&R utilizes a multi‐cap asset allocation strategy. Both domestic and international equities, American Depository Receipts (ADR’s), and Exchange‐Traded Funds (ETF’s) are incorporated within the international segment of the portfolio as a cost‐effective means of international diversification and ETF’s are used to achieve the small and mid cap equity exposure.