John Maloney Quoted in Forbes – U.S. Investments

Mr. Maloney, CEO of M&R Capital, was featured in an article on concerning U.S. Investments, Treasury action and China.

John Maloney on Forbes – 2018: A Good Year For The Market, Just Not 2017

John Maloney, C.E.O. of M&R Capital Management, recently contributed to Forbes Online on January 29, 2018.

John Maloney featured in Forbes “How To Make Money When Value Investing Comes Back”

Mr. Maloney is the CEO of M&R Capital and a guest contributor to Forbes. His article outlines the value investment strategy of M&R Capital and the key indicators that will cause the switch from growth to value in the market. Read the full article here.


Now is the heyday for growth stocks, with big-name tech goliaths spiraling ever upward. Well, nothing in the market lasts forever.  The ever-wise John Maloney, chief executive of M&R Capital Management in New York, tells us why value investing will stage a comeback, and how to profit from it.”

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