Professional Account Management

On An Individual Basis

M&R Capital Management is a wealth management firm serving individuals, family offices as well as endowments
and other institutions. Our investment professionals have decades of investment experience providing advice and
helping implement innovative investment strategies.

Company History

Our firm was founded in 1993 by John Maloney and Richard Diver. The firm has grown over the years and has adapted to the changing opportunities in the wealth management business. We have increased the number of products we offer our clients and value our role as a large and mid-size capitalization investor.


We pride ourselves with our abilities in working closely with our clients as we identify and implement their investment objectives. As our firm continues to grow, we will build upon our core principles that help our clients attain their objectives.


We identify opportunities in publicly traded securities that are trading at a discount to our estimate of their underlying value. Over time, equities offer greater appreciation potential than other investments.